Hello Everybody!

It's been almost 2 months since I last blogged! OMG. I'm getting so lazy to wait for my endless photos to be uploaded here. I have kinda switched to posting pics (immediate) on Instagram app. I promise to do up my postings here soon.
Meanwhile, follow me on Twitter & Instagram alright?
@christalleh will fill you with happenings!
p.s. Don't get me wrong..
tho. picture speaks a thousand words, I still love blogging.
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Over the rainbow


Marui Sushi

I have been wanting to dine here twice last year but always can't get table on weekends.
Luck is on my side today!




Almost 3 months late!

Hello everyone! My bad for months of missing in action! I was really caught up with lotsa changes in my life, along with bad network connection and gadget failure, etc. A short span of 2.5months, I have experienced the worst working environment in my life, (yes, i had to work on Sundays. Like wtf right?) & got constant threats that my head is on the line. Honestly it's a place that even if I was offered 10k/month, I wouldn't want to be at. Bye you political idiots. FYI, please go brush up on your public speaking. It was a chore being forced to listen to ya bad articulation. *roll eyes x100000000*

On top of the intense stress and exhaustion, I almost had several life-threatening heart attacks knowing someone close fell sick, caught us unaware & helpless. To cut to the chase, it was a roller coaster ride everyday. I guess I totally sucked at pretending to be strong and putting up a strong front infront of frail looking patient. I fought tears so many times that I felt drained even it was just minutes in the visting ward. No one is perfect, & everyone has a weakpoint. I think I have found mine. Practicing yoga helped me find inner peace even via simple deep and steady breathing exercises. I came to a junction and made me decide that I can't always be worrying about stuff out of my boundary/ control and let people around me suffer with the sad vibes I radiate. I swear many instances within the last few weeks, I have had so much going on in my mind that I have no idea where to start sharing here. I promise I will fill in the blanks in Q4! December is my favourite time of the year. A great month to remind you how much you are missing out, & also a chance to pen on your list of resolution(s). I'm almost ready to move on to a brand new year. I have to be. Bottom line.. Plan and manage your time wisely. Life is indeed vulnerable. Take no chance to let oppportunities slipped with your fingers. Go, tell someone you really cared about with regards to your feelings. Go, do something that you had always wanted to. Go, get going, move ya ass, pick up the phone/computer whatsoeve,r cos' it's only YOU who can make a difference or impact.

Never let someone who doesn't know you at all, telling you what you should & shouldn't do. Friends come and go, real friends will not make you feel second or forces you to alter your real diretions. Have fun! Just don't forget to bring your glasses out!


Happy Anniversary, my Love...